Mostly known as a grocery bag / shopping bag, it can carry all the small and big things that make up everyday life.

Paper bags with flat inner handle and square bottom:

  • Can be made of bleached or unbleached, recycled or 100% cellulose paper, weight 70-120 g/m2
  • Bag width 180-540mm
  • Bottom width 80-250mm
  • It can be without printing or with printing up to 6 colors

If you are looking for an affordable, economical, but strong paper bag - we have a solution. Our flat-handled paper bags, made of high-quality cellulose fibers, can be used in various business areas and for a wide variety of products.

Paper bags are very popular among companies that want to highlight their concern for the environment, but they are also an affordable and very effective means of advertising. Manufactured on state-of-the-art confectioning machines, with printing in up to 6 colors, our bags provide you with impeccable quality and endless possibilities for creating advertisements.

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