Gray gray cardboard for making cardboard cores:

  • We are able to offer you cardboard weight from 180gr to 590 g, different strengths: 180.200.300 and 400 J.
  • Cut to the desired dimension, minimum 6 cm, maximum up to 200 cm.

Cardboard for making cups and plates - excellent performance when printing and forming products. Suitable for use in contact with food. Weight 185-310 g, with the possibility of adding 1 or 2 layers of PE 15 / 18 M.

Cardboards for various packaging used in the food industry (food boxes, teas, frozen food, etc.), the pharmaceutical industry, the cosmetics industry.The quality and characteristics of cardboard are adjusted to the end purpose, from standard cardboard for packaging of everyday products to cardboard of the highest quality for the production of luxury packaging of expensive products (perfumes, luxury chocolates, electronic devices, alcoholic beverages…). Weight 170-380 gr, application of PE layers for better barrier properties and dimensions according to customer needs.